Conflict Management - November 7th
Conflict Management - December 17th
Conflict comes in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether we enjoy it, dealing with conflict is a part of life. And how we handle conflict determines whether it is a positive or negative experience for us.
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Medical Records 101: Responding to Requests for Patient Information
Order this on-demand webinar to receive an overview of medical management issues faced when responding to requests for patient information for litigation purposes. Matthew P. Keris, Esq. has extensive experience in civil litigation, including the representation of large medical i...
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Medication Errors: Best Practices for Prevention
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Mental Health Record Compliance
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Powers of Attorney: Medical Records Release Concerns
Busy medical practices understand that each day personal health information is transmitted in various forms between hospitals, doctors, attorneys, insurance companies, patients and their lawyers and families. With increasing reliance on electronic medical records health informati...
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Responding to a Potential HIPAA Security Breach: Practical Tips from Real Breaches
The HIPAA Omnibus Rule and numerous state laws require that individuals be notified of a breach of unsecured protected health information. An entity must perform a risk assessment and make a determination of whether or not the data that was lost, stolen, or accessed is the type t...
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