Medical Records


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Quality health information has become an imperative necessity within health care organizations as information becomes more complex, addressing the needs of a multitude of constituents. The shift from paper to an electronic health record (EHR) creates many challenges and has resul...
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Best Practices to Modify Electronic Health Records While Maintaining Record Integrity
Moving to an electronic health record system can make it possible to work more efficiently and effectively by automating certain tasks and making information easier to locate. But sometimes, even electronic records must be modified by adding, amending, correcting or deleting info...
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Effective Auditing of Physicians' Documentation
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Health Care Corporate Compliance Programs in Hawaii
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HIPAA and Medical Records Law in Texas
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HIPAA Ruling Regarding Correspondence Through Text Messages and Emails: Is Your Organization Compliant?
Organizations must understand the various ways that health care communications can take place, and how texting and email fit in with HIPAA rules. While health care communications between providers, insurers, business associates, and other business parties should always be cond...
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